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Re: Compiz plugins

On Sunday 06 December 2009 01:39 AM, Eric Tanguy wrote:
Le 06/12/2009 09:50, suvayu ali a écrit :
2009/12/6 Eric Tanguy<eric tanguy univ-nantes fr>:
Le 05/12/2009 20:12, suvayu ali a écrit :
2009/12/5 Eric Tanguy<eric tanguy univ-nantes fr>:

Is there somewhere a howto or something like that about compiz
plugins. I
don't know which plugins are in fedora, which one could be add and
how to
use it (key combinations). I try to test the water one and i can't
to find the keys to use or the keys does not work ...


So according to http://wiki.compiz.org/Plugins/Water to activate it i
to hold down<Control><Super> and move the mouse. I assume<Super> is the
window key. it does not work so either the plugin does not work or i
have a
problem with my keyboard.

First you would need to install ccsm (compiz-manager) then turn on the
plugins and make sure they are bounded to the keys you want. The keys
mentioned in the compiz wiki are the default key bindings given that
the corresponding plugin is turned on.

I hope this is clearer. Have fun.
I installed it and enabled water effects but it does not work. How to
know what key is <super> ?

Although its usually the "Windows" key, you can check by running xev from the terminal. This will give you a keycode for the key, but I don't know how you can make sure that is the correct keycode.

The other way you can check would be to try changing any of the default key bindings in ccsm, that should let you see whether compiz recognizes your super key correctly.


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