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Re: Using USB devices in VMs under KVM fc11 or fc12

On Sun, 2009-12-06 at 10:44 -0500, Mail Lists wrote:

>   I was/am hoping to be able to use windows vm to program a universal
> remote via usb too ... by the way have you tried virtualbox ? I wonder
> if it has better usb support than qemu?

Still not very good though. I have never been able to sync my Palm Pilot
via USB through a virtual machine. I've tried Virtual Box and KVM.
Haven't been  able to use VMWare Workstation since F11 when the kernel
modules wouldn't build any more (that's when I switched to Virtual Box).
KVM doesn't work unless your hardware has virtualization support, which
my dual core Pentium 4 system does not (my Core Duo laptop and desktop
at work do have hardware virtualization, and KVM works well on those

I plan to try Xen at some point but I doubt if it will be any better.

The problem is that the device appears to be recognized just fine, but I
can never establish a sync connection. 

Before anyone reminds me, I am aware that a Palm can be synced with
Linux. Unfortunately we have a proprietary calendering application at
work, and while the web interface to the calendar works fine with
Linux/Firefox, the Palm conduits are only on Windoze, and the Palm
calendar is useless to me if I can't sync it with my official work
calendar (then I sync my Palm with Evolution so that I have my work
calendar on Linux too). This is really a pain for me because this is the
very last application I have that still requires me to maintain a native
Windoze boot. So every time there is an update to anything having to do
with VM, I always try this again but it has never worked.

I'm guessing I could set up a VM that has a real IP address rather than
using NAT, but the GUIs don't generally support this and I haven't yet
learned how to create a VM or a virtual network from the command line.
If I did that I could possibly sync to a VM via wireless instead of USB,
but this is now wandering far from the original question.


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