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Poor Sound recording on Intel MB DG965SS


Several years ago, sometime during the earlier releases of Fedora, I was
able to listen to and record from external devices like my Creative Zen
and Sony cassette tape recorder/player; while playing or recording I could
hear the sound from the devices on my system speakers.

These days, I'm trying to listen and record from the same devices on my
F12 Intel MB DG965SS home-built system but only with weak success.

I can play wav and mp3 audio files using  mpg321 and mplayer from a
command line, and xmms and rhytymbox in the gnome desktop.

However, unlike in previous releases (upto FC8?), I can't plug in an
external device, run it through the line-in line (blue input), and hear it
through the system's speakers.

I can record from my tape recorder, but with very poor quality; while I'm
recording, I can't hear it through the system's speakers, as I did

I've tried to review fedora-list threads pertinent to the subject. So far,
the one application that has facilitated recording is the gnome sound
recorder available through from the gnome-media-apps rpm. However, there
is a considerable amount of distortion that sounds like  poor grounding.
I've used the cables previously with success and there do not seem to be
any cracks.

Looking at the sound preference setting, the hardware tab is set to Analog
Stereo Duplex, the input tab is set to Line-in/line-out and the Internal
Audio Device radio button is active for sound input.

My MoBo is an Intel MB DG965SS and it has sound built-in (Line-in,
line-out, and microphone-in).

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.


Max Pyziur
pyz brama com

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