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Re: OT?? Refusal to boot from external USB

On 12/06/2009 11:46 AM, BeartoothHOS wrote:
> 	My #3 PC is a handed-down Dell PowerEdge sc1420, now running F11, 
> which began life as a server for a list I help manage. (The list is now 
> hosted elsewhere.) I call it BBB (Big Black Beast), since it's so much 
> larger and blacker than any of my others.
> 	I also have a Lite-On external USB DVD-RW drive, which the BBB 
> sees perfectly well when it's plugged into it. I can read the files on 
> it, which look normal afaict -- in fact, I have installed F12 on two 
> other machines from the same DVD.
> 	And I have the boot sequence in the BIOS set to start with the 
> DVD drive, in order to upgrade to F12 that way. But it doesn't. 
Try doing a USB boot instead of a DVD boot. I suspect that the BIOS
does not see the USB DVD-RW drive as a DVD drive.


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