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Re: Getting rid of /boot

On Sunday 06 December 2009, Robert Nichols wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> If you know how to make the 'installer' partition a drive according to
>> your wishes without its refusing to accept say a 400 Mbyte /boot
>> partition, or demanding that /root & /var MUST live on /, then please
>> write up a downloadable, printable PDF on how to do that since that data
>> to guide one around the fedora imposed toll gates is not available during
>> the install.  Do so, let us know where it can be pulled from and I will
>> gladly, gleefully kill a tree.  And should we ever meet, the first 3 are
>> on me. ;)
>This sounds like you've been doing your installs from a Live CD, where
>your options are indeed quite limited.  The installation CD set or DVD
>includes a perfectly good partitioning tool that allows you to set up
>partitions and mount points pretty much any way you want, and also
>allows you to switch to a text console and run 'fdisk' if you need to
>rearrange an existing partitioning scheme.  You do have to select
>"Create custom layout" in the first partitioning dialog.

I always have done so, but it still nags, or just loops, rejecting the 
changes if it doesn't like them.

>The only
>problems I've ever run into with the built-in partitioning tool is its
>refusal to deal with anomalies such as partitions not in physical disk
>order or the use of "limit capacity" jumpers back in the days of disks
>larger than what the BIOS would support.

Cheers, Gene
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