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Embedded ARM7/9 programing under Linux suggestions and advise?

I have a friend interested in doing some programming for embedded applications using an ARM7/9 cpu. I was recommending using Linux as the host OS. I also suggested he use Eclipse as the IDE with the right tool chain plug-in installed. The OS to use on the cpu I was recommending FreeRTOS. The question I have is where can you get the right tool chain to do the programming? My main concern is what about the "standard" libraries to use? All the info I've found so far seems to targets some major OS using their header files, which of course won't work with FreeRTOS as far as I know. I suppose at worse he could strip out any Linux specific library functions from the GNU versions and compile those as a replacement.

I have a professional suite I use on the job, which I just recently got from Keil, to support a new product my employer will manufacture, and does what he wants, but of course at $4900 he isn't going to buy his own copy for hobby use. He liked what he saw thus my recommendations above.

All opinions welcomed.

Leland C. Scott

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