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Re: dd question, what am I doing wrong?

On Sun, 2009-12-06 at 12:17 -0800, Dan Thurman wrote:
> > Again, rsync is a *Unix* utility, designed for *Unix* filesystems
> > *only*. If you'd said at the beginning that you wanted to move a
> Vista
> > partition we could have saved ourselves a lot of time.
> >
> > poc
> >   
> I was being general.  The same issue applies to linux when it comes
> to rsync.  If one relies on rsync to keep all the file atttibutes with
> -a
> option, there are surprises as I mentioned.

But you still haven't said what the "surprises" are. Please be specific.
You seem to be saying that an important Linux utility has a serious bug.
You need to describe exactly what it is.

> I threw in Vista just to
> make a point that rsync does not work with Vista (or Xp), as you
> already know.  It pays to know what these rsync options do and
> what OSes rsync works with, again which you already know, but
> it is written here for those that don't - me included.  I learned the
> hard way by testing it all out so that I know what works and what
> doesn't.  I found that rsync does copy the data on Xp or Vista, but
> sans the file attributes.  At least with a failing drive most of the
> data
> was "saved" when in a hurry. It sure is fast.

rsync doesn't actually run on any Windows system AFAIK. I think what
you're trying to say is that it copies the data *from* XP or Vista
filesystems mounted on Linux, *to* other filesystems also mounted on
Linux (which may in turn be any fs Linux supports). Obviously it can do
this, but as far as rsync is concerned, it's just a bunch of files and
directories. For the same reason, it doesn't copy (say) NTFS attribute
info since it knows nothing about it, but does copy Linux attribute info
since that's what it's designed to do (and if it doesn't, we have a bug
which needs to be reported).

> Getting back on topic - it is dd/rescue that works for (some) OSes and
> so far it does.  I discovered that it definitely works with XP so as
> long
> as the partition copied from source to destination is the same
> partition#
> - otherwise, one is forced to 'fixBoot' because somehow the partition
> data (boot.ini) and the partition "MBR" are not "in sync".  Vista on
> the
> other hand does not work even if dd'ing source to destination, with
> the
> same partition#s.

dd simply copies data from A to B, with no interpretation of its
structure, i.e. it's a lower-level function than rsync. If an NTFS
filesystem copied this way needs to be fixed up to live on its new
partition, that to me would seem to indicate brokenness in the design of
NTFS (e.g. that it's not inherently relocatable without patching), but
let's not go there.


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