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Re: Getting rid of /boot

On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 00:53 +1100, Roger wrote:
> Question: with /boot / and /home partitions, do  /usr /etc /var and 
> others all go into directories in /
> I've never found out how the partitioning and install systems handle
> this.

As far as accessing them is concerned, they're all directories inside /.

Now, they could be ordinary directories, or other disks/partitions
mounted onto directories.  But they all apear like directories.

For simplicity's sake, you might use just directories in /.  For
reliabilities sake, they may be mount points for different drives, with
different mounting options (read-only, etc.).  Back in the earlier days
of non-gigabyte drives, using different drives per mount might have been
advantageous for sizing reasons, alone.

When creating the file structure, you'd make a root partition, and
create all the directories.  If you were using partitions, then you'd
create them, mount them into /.  Then you'd start putting files on.

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