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Re: Installing Fedora-12 from USB stick

On Monday 07 December 2009, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>I've been trying to install Fedora-12 from a memory stick
>to which I have transferred the KDE Live CD
>using livecd-iso-to-disk .
>The problem is that the ancient machine I am dealing with
>does not support booting from the USB stick.
>So following advice here, I transferred vmlinuz0 and initrd0.img
>from the stick to the hard disk,
>and added a stanza to grub to boot from this:
>title Upgrade to Fedora-12
>        root (hd0,1)
>        kernel /syslinux/vmlinuz0 root=/dev/sdc2
>        initrd /syslinux/initrd0.img
>Here /dev/sdc2 is the relevant partition on the memory stick.
>This works up to a point;
>but it fails (after entering the interactive stage)
>when trying to check the partitions, presumably with fsck .
>In particular the check on the boot partition is said to fail,
>even though it boots perfectly well with this partition under F-11.
>I don't understand where it gets a list of partitions to check -
>it seems to be using /etc/fstab from the Fedora-11 system,
>which seems illogical to me.
>In any case, my query is: Is there any way of adding something
>to the grub kernel line to stop partition checking?
>Or is there some other trick I could apply?
>I should say that this is a purely theoretical experiment;
>I know there are many other ways I could install Fedora-12.
>But I installed F-12 on several other machines using the USB stick,
>and it would be useful to know if I could actually update
>all machines in this way.

I wouldn't mind being able to do something similar myself. I have an 8Gb 
stick with the F12 install iso on it, as a file at the instant, and my dvd 
writer seems to have turned itself into a write only for dvd's but is still 
reading cd's ok.  However, this asus bios I have not seen a boot from usb 
option in its boot menu's.  Any ideas as to how to proceed?


Cheers, Gene
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