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Latest Kernel causes reboot hell

After running 12 for some weeks now, I allowed yum to install the newest kernel (well, as of Friday of course). 

all seemed to go just fine until I rebooted.  All the machine will do is continue to reboot itself over and over again. 

I reinstalled and applied only updates other then 3 that were particular to the new kernel and all went well there. Rebooted just fine.

I thought - why not try the remaining 3 and lets see if for some reason the others might be causing this effect.

That didn't seem to help - again, after allowing yum to install the new kernel, it sent the machine into reboot hell.

The box is only a few years (3) old, it's a Sony Vaio desktop. It's running sata, there is a /boot part of some 200 meg (only 23% full) and the rest of the 400 gig drive is LVM

Currently, I tossed on Ubuntu just so I can get some work done however, would really prefer to be back running F12.

Any help/ideas would be great.



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