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Re: Installing Fedora-12 from USB

>Gene Heskett wrote:
>Timothy Murphy wrote:
> >I've been trying to install Fedora-12 from a memory stick
> >to which I have transferred the KDE Live CD
> >using livecd-iso-to-disk .
>I wouldn't mind being able to do something similar myself. I have an >8Gb stick with the F12 install iso on it, as a file at the instant, and >my dvd writer seems to have turned itself into a write only for dvd's >but is still reading cd's ok. However, this asus bios I have not seen >a boot from usb option in its boot menu's. Any ideas as to how to >proceed?

If you have a reasonably recent ASUS mb with an AMi BIOS, setting it to boot from USB is rather obscure. You need to plug in the USB stick and reboot. The USB device will then show up in the list of hard drives under Boot Order (going from memory there, but its on the Boot tab, and the second or third entry, iirc). Move the USB HDD entry to the top of the list, then save and reboot.

On boot, ISTR that AMI does like Lenovo does, and you can use F12 to select the boot device. Even so, it will now boot from the USB stick.

It's rather weird that the 'boot from USB' option does not exist unless there is a USB stick plugged in but.....


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