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Re: Cron Monthly abnormality in FC12

Mikkel wrote:
I ran into something strange with cron in FC12. The monthly cron
jobs ran on December 2nd, instead of December 1st. The system was up
continually from before November 30th, until after December 2nd. But
for some strange reason the monthly jobs were run on the 2nd.

This is a problem because the system sends out calendars on the 1st
of each month, and sending them out on the second is a real problem.

The anacron (which is what runs cron.monthly) README file says:

"Anacron is not an attempt to make cron redundant. It cannot currently be used to schedule commands at intervals smaller than days. It also does not guarantee than the commands will be executed at any specific day or hour"

..and later

"Jobs for which the timing is critical should probably not be controlled by anacron"

I'd suggest you remove this job from cron.monthly and put an explicit entry into /etc/crontab which delivers your calendars on the first of the month.


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