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Re: Fedora on Macbook Air?

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom H <tomh0665 gmail com> writes:

    >> But how to get the Air to try to boot from the USB port?
    Tom> Try booting with "c" pressed (it is supposed to be for
    Tom> CDs/DVDs but it might work with a bootable external drive 

I actually meant with a DVD drive, but probably forgot to say that in
my original message.
This works up to a point. That is, I can begin the installation
process, but when loading the kernel from the DVD, it soon comes to a
halt (this is with F11, 64-bit, purely investigatory, as I shall try with F12
once I have downloaded the ISO for that).

>> "Chad" == Chad Kellerman <sunckell gmail com> writes:

 Chad>When it comes to booting from a disk drive, I believe the Air only boot OS's
 Chad> from a Super Drive.  ( I read that somewhere once..)

 Chad>I think you want to look at http://refit.sourceforge.net/  that has all the
 Chad> documentation you need

Hm. It doesn't actually answer my question outright, but I think the
answer is I can't do it - I will need to retain a minimal Mac OSX
partition. :-( 

(I can't spare the disk space for two OSes, as I use
the Air as a repository for digital photographs when on holiday. I
filled the disk last year with one day to go of a fortnight in
thailand - fortunately the 8GB memory card on the camera didn't fill
on the last day).
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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