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Re: Latest Kernel causes reboot hell

Ian Malone writes:

Yes, it does look more polished the way it is now, but what used to be
really obvious (especially to someone who has always run dual boot
set-ups), that you can boot an earlier kernel, is now an obscure piece
of knowledge.  Suggestions:
1. The grub boot screen should have an explicit message to this effect.
2. (More difficult to implement), autodetect failures to boot and
explicitly offer the user the alternatives. (A la Windows, not
everything they do is bad.)

I think there's a way to install a one-time only grub configuration file, for the next boot. I'm not sure how it's done now, but I think suspend to disk worked this way before, to have grub boot some loader that restores the suspended image into ram. If restore failed, the next boot loaded the usual kernel.

The kernel update can do that, and a start up script that runs at the end of the boot cycle then commit the permanent configuration file, at the tail end of the next boot.

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