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Re: Fedora on Macbook Air?

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Paul Adams <colin colina demon co uk> writes:

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom H <tomh0665 gmail com> writes:
    >>> But how to get the Air to try to boot from the USB port?
    Tom> Try booting with "c" pressed (it is supposed to be for
    Tom> CDs/DVDs but it might work with a bootable external drive

    Colin> I actually meant with a DVD drive, but probably forgot to
    Colin> say that in my original message.  This works up to a
    Colin> point. That is, I can begin the installation process, but
    Colin> when loading the kernel from the DVD, it soon comes to a
    Colin> halt (this is with F11, 64-bit, purely investigatory, as I
    Colin> shall try with F12 once I have downloaded the ISO for
    Colin> that).

I'm having better luck with F12. I'm staring at the
configure-disk-partitions option screen, and wandering if I dare
change the hfs+ volume to ext4 and proceed.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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