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Re: Sound volumes giving you fits?

2009/12/9 Jud Craft <craftjml gmail com>:
> On Wed, Dec 9, 2009 at 8:21 AM, Eric Mesa wrote:
>> THANK YOU SO MUCH for the info on how to fix PulseAudio.  My ears have been
>> blasted to the point of pain when using my ear-covering studio headphones
>> and Fedora suddenly decided to go full volume on a rock song.  I will
>> implement your fix when I get home today.
> Flat volumes are extremely inconvenient and a little buggy in F11, but
> they actually do work much better in F12.  Pulse remembers your
> maximum volume, doesn't let applications jump stuff to 100%, and keeps
> application volumes relative to each other, even when you close apps
> and change the volumes.
> I think it's improved a lot in F12.

It has,  but when I close Totem it still spikes the volume of whatever
I was listening to momentarily and blows my eardrums out.

I thought it was just me, so I learnt to live with it, but Michael's
fix is exactly what I was too lazy to Google for ;o)


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