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Re: DVD43

On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 02:08 -0800, Hector E. Celis wrote:
> I am a user, but If I can't copy my own moveis, then linux is useless
> to me.
> I really hate windows and its perpetual battle with viruses. But Linux
> has not been able to give me all that I need. Limewire, ICopyDVDS2 and
> DVD43. I finally got LimeWire to work. The autoten has given me a good
> DVD player and copier. But I can't make DVD43 work with wine . If I
> can get this to work I am a converter. 
> I also need RS1 to work in Linux. (RS1 is a windows program that is
> derived from UNIX-VAX)
> I need this for work.
> The autoten creator should make it autoeleven, add DVD43 and I will
> have the essentials.
> Hector Celis 

Have you tried k9copy? Have you Googled for "dvd43 linux"?

What is RS1? If you say what you need it for, someone might suggest an


PS Please don't post HTML messages here.

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