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Re: Writn a slash in Evolution

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 2:26 PM, Mark Knoop <mark opus11 net> wrote:

> Evolution obeys the GTK standard method of assigning shortcuts to menu
> items. You have probably assigned / to this menu item inadvertently at
> some point.

> To remove it, just press Backspace whilst the menu item is highlighted.

Yes! Finally! It seems not too many people are aware of this "standard"...

As a matter of fact you can change to any character you want, "¬" for
instance, while HTML is highlighted, but not clicked, just hovered, in
the menu.

Is there a list of all those dirty tricks that I should be aware of ?
I mean the way this works is absolutely fabulous, but you have to know
the trick. It's the first time that I encounter the possibility of
changing a menu that easily. What other applications work this way?

Since you seem to know more than anybody else about GNOME/GTK, is
there any place that I can change the configuration so that "new file"
doesn't enter the clipboard, namely Klipper, when I create a new file?

Thanks a lot!

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