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Re: Is Visualization possibe. {Typo I mean virtualization.]

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> Aws someone pointed ort it is virtualization I mean. You seemed to
> understand that but you did not answer the question. For example,
> you web page seems to imply that a vmx flag is needed. The list of
> kernel options I included above has no vmx flag. Is virtualization a
> hardware issue or can it be done completely with software It seems
> to me Vmware is a virtualization in software . Is that correct?

Indeed, you can do virtualization in software -- what's commonly
called para-virt these days.  This is what VMware was doing years ago.

I read quickly and made the mistaken assumption that if you were
asking if a given processor could do virtualization that you meant
full hardware virtualization.  Otherwise, the answer is that any
halfway modern system can do virtualization, even if it's only

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