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Re: Sudo and gtksu

2009/12/10 davide <lists4davide gmail com>:
> Il Thu, 10 Dec 2009 01:17:58 +0000, Sam Sharpe ha scritto:
>> If you're on F12, then add yourself to the desktop_admin_r group that
>> will be in /etc/group.
> done.
>> That allows you to authenticate with your own password to most of the
>> PolKit dialogs, which is pretty much what you are looking for. I believe
>> a simplified GUI for setting this up is in the works, because while the
>> granularity of the old PolKit interface was lovely, it was a bit over
>> the top for most users.
> Actually, dialogs ask my root password.
> Shall I delete the root user?

Please *don't* do that. Even in ubuntu, the user exists but there is
no password set for the root user, hence you can't login as root.

> You got right, I just want to enter my password in PolKit dialogs. (I
> trust Fedora delevoper for the moment, I dont need to change PolKit
> configuration about actions)
Just grant the regular user permissions to do the things that you want
to do using polkit. Choose the kind of access you want to allow, e.g.
you can disallow remote access. Then you should have what you are
looking for.



Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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