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F12 XFCE spin on eeepc 901

Hi gang!

I've got F12 (gnome) on my 901, but now that the LXDE spin has been reissued
I thought I'd try the live-cd-on-a-usb-stick method to see how I like it.

While I haven't done a LOT with it, it definitely feels less doggy than
the full-blown gnome.

however, I can't get wireless going (according to some posts on the 
fedora forums, I'm not the only one).

I had no trouble with the "regular" f12 live cd on usb, getting wireless
working, etc., but this one has me stumped. the gang on the forums hasn't
come up with the magic recipe for me either.

here's what happens:

I do a fresh install on the usb stick (using the live-usb creator)
boot it up and add rpmfusion free and nonfree, 
then do yum install rt2860 which tries to install a kernel update.
then try to do yum install kmod-staging (per postings on the fora)

in either case it then insists it has to install kernel
however letting it install the kernel doesn't fix the problem. after the
kernel installation, it still boots the old kernel, so neither the
kmod-staging nor the rt2860 driver will work because they're for the 
newer kernel.

I can't find a functioning grub.conf anyhwere that lists EITHER kernel,
so I can't hack it up by hand.

how does booting a live-cd-on-a-usb-stick actually work? How is it 
SUPPOSED to work? I've got 2 or more gigs of "persistence" here, so it
should be possible to install a kernel and have it boot. but I can't
figure it out.

clues appreciated. TIA.

---- Fred Smith -- fredex fcshome stoneham ma us -----------------------------
                        The Lord is like a strong tower. 
             Those who do what is right can run to him for safety.
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