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Re: F12 XFCE spin on eeepc 901

2009/12/11 fred smith <fredex fcshome stoneham ma us>:
> in either case it then insists it has to install kernel
> however letting it install the kernel doesn't fix the problem. after the
> kernel installation, it still boots the old kernel, so neither the
> kmod-staging nor the rt2860 driver will work because they're for the
> newer kernel.

I'm not totally convinced that this is gonna work, because I believe
the "persistence" gets overlaid on top of the regular liveusb
filesystem *after* the (old) kernel has booted. You may need to copy
the kernel and initramfs to the root of the livecd and fiddle with the

> how does booting a live-cd-on-a-usb-stick actually work? How is it
> SUPPOSED to work? I've got 2 or more gigs of "persistence" here, so it
> should be possible to install a kernel and have it boot. but I can't
> figure it out.

look for syslinux.conf of isolinux.conf - usually in a folder of the
same name. Unless I'm well out of date, the bootloader for a liveusb
is SysLinux, not grub


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