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Should I switch to 32 bit FlashPlayer?

When I installed my 64 bit version of fedora, I thought I'd go 64 bit
all the way, even with FlashPlayer. The problem is there is no yum
package available and you have to check when a new version is
available which, of course, you don't do too often.

Today I ran into this article:


and it seems a new security patched version is available in 32 bit:


IĀ suppose if I had the 32 bit version installed, yum would have
installed it automatically.

So, I went here:


and saw, from the date on the downloaded files, that there was an
update for my 64 bit version released... on the 13th of November. Is
it as updated security-wise as the 32 bit version?

I'm considering moving to the 32 bit version. Does it seem like a good
idea to you?

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