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Re: alter from hda to sda

On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 22:29 +0100, Rune Johansson wrote:
>         I have tre separate partitions for linux systems so that I can
> keep my old after installed a new. I also have a separate partition
> for /home. When I installed F11 it wasn't able to reed my old /home
> because it was a hda - partition.

Simply substitute sda for hda, and that's all that should be needed.
Unless you have more than one drive, and they've been ordered
differently, and that may cause what used to be hda to be sdb...

As root, this command will list partitions on your system:  fdisk -l

> If I told F11 to auto mount my old /home it couldn't
> reed it.

That sounds a different problem.  Perhaps you're trying to mount the
wrong partition, or it got corrupted.  But without showing us the actual
log of events, we can only guess.

You could try mounting things manually in the command line, and showing
us a cut and paste of it.  You could show us the tail
of /var/log/messages when you try to mount it.

> F11 then said I didn't have any user's.

You'll have to recreate the users.  It's not the contents of the /home
partition that defines the users on the system, that just holds their
files.  There's files in the /etc directory that control who's a user.

You'll want the new users to have the same ID numbers as the old users,
or you'll have to chown all their files to the new user ID.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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