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Re: Fedora on Macbook Air?

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Paul Adams <colin colina demon co uk> writes:

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Paul Adams <colin colina demon co uk> writes:
>>>>> "Tom" == Tom H <tomh0665 gmail com> writes:
    >>>> But how to get the Air to try to boot from the USB port?
    Tom> Try booting with "c" pressed (it is supposed to be for
    Tom> CDs/DVDs but it might work with a bootable external drive

    Colin> I actually meant with a DVD drive, but probably forgot to
    Colin> say that in my original message.  This works up to a
    Colin> point. That is, I can begin the installation process, but
    Colin> when loading the kernel from the DVD, it soon comes to a
    Colin> halt (this is with F11, 64-bit, purely investigatory, as I
    Colin> shall try with F12 once I have downloaded the ISO for
    Colin> that).

    Colin> I'm having better luck with F12. I'm staring at the
    Colin> configure-disk-partitions option screen, and wandering if I
    Colin> dare change the hfs+ volume to ext4 and proceed. 

But although installation completed OK, I was not able to get it to

The first time I left the EFI System partition intact on /dev/sda1,
and accepted the default of installing the boot loading on /dev/sda2
(my /boot partition).

The result was a light grey screen appeared, and after a while a
darker-grey folder icon appeared in the centre, with a flashing
question mark. I assumed it couldn't find the O/S or boot loader.

I tried again, this time I deleted the EFI System partition and
installed /boot on /dev/sda1. I installed the boot loader onto

Same result.

So I resorted to re-installing Mac OSX, so as to have a usable

Does anyone know how to get F12 to boot from the macbook Air, without
resorting to Boot Camp (I can't afford the disk space to have both Mac
OSX and linux installed)?
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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