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Re: Fedora on Macbook Air?

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom H <tomh0665 gmail com> writes:

    Colin> Does anyone know how to get F12 to boot from the macbook
    Colin> Air, without resorting to Boot Camp (I can't afford the
    Colin> disk space to have both Mac OSX and linux installed)?

    Tom> I did some googling about this a while ago because a friend
    Tom> wanted to single-boot Ubuntu on her Mac Mini. She got cold
    Tom> feet and stuck to her dual-boot with rEFIt so the following
    Tom> is theoretical and from memory.

    Tom> (1) You have to keep sda as a gpt disk.

    Tom> ***start*** # parted (parted) print [if "partition table" is
    Tom> not "gpt] (parted) mktable gpt ***end***

    Tom> (2) You have to move "/boot" to "/efi/boot" and it has to
    Tom> include a "boot.efi" (unsure of the exact name) grub
    Tom> binary/stage loader. Take a look at the structure of the
    Tom> Fedora 12 Live CD. (If you are booted from it, the "ro" not
    Tom> the "rw" mount.)

Thanks Tom. That gives me something to dig into.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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