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Re: Request for Input on Creating Linux Courses...

On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 19:25:00 +1000,
  "Michael D. Setzer II" <mikes kuentos guam net> wrote:
> The Ideal is to over a beginning Linux course, and an second level course as 
> a start. In the networking class, I have one 4 hour section where the students 
> go thru the installation of various Linux OS's,  and they can use the Fedora, 
> but many students still stay with windows.

I think if you are trying to showcase linux systems as something your
students might want to use themselves at home or for a small business,
then I think you would be better off starting off at a different level.
If you first find out some things they might want to do, that would be
expensive or difficult to do using Windows, but inexpensive or easy
to using some linux distribution, then you can have something motivating
them to want to use it. If there are a couple of things that would be an
interest to most of the class, show them how to use that software.

Afterwards is when you want to show them how to get the software on their
computer. I don't think you want to teach multiple ways to do this. Pick
one distro that seems best suited to your students immediate needs and
help them build live images that they can take with them after the class
is over.

USB pen drives are relatively inexpensive these days ($20 for 8 GB) and
if the students left the class with ones that did what they wanted on
most computers you might keep them using linux. They don't need to give
up Windows and they don't need their own computer to mess with.

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