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Re: Request for Input on Creating Linux Courses...

On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 1:25 AM, Michael D. Setzer II
<mikes kuentos guam net> wrote:
> Finally got the go ahead to create two Linux courses to our College program.
> Have included Linux in my lab since Redhat 9 thru the current Fedora 12, but
> have just been able to show students little bits of it from time to time, since
> the program is geared to mostly windows and some courses using AS/400
> mini system.
> The Ideal is to over a beginning Linux course, and an second level course as
> a start. In the networking class, I have one 4 hour section where the students
> go thru the installation of various Linux OS's,  and they can use the Fedora,
> but many students still stay with windows.
> Was wondering if people on the list might have some knowledge of material
> that would best meet the needs of a community college program.
> Last year I did work with 3 students on a Special project involving my G4L
> disk imaging project, and it was interesting, but very focused.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The Ideal is to have it ready
> am Community College  Computer Center

For a general outline, redhat is a good start.

It all depends on the intended result: are the students taking the courses as
a mere introduction to unix or is this part of a certificate/degree program?
I'd tweak the content according to that criteria.

There are concepts that are alien in the mind of new unix user such as the
command line, text editors like vim, mounting filesystems and remote
connections in a way other than instant messaging.

This site has some nice visual exercises.

Do an eSearch (TM) on "introduction to unix linux" or other similar phrases.


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