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Re: alter from hda to sda

On 12/10/2009 01:29 PM, Rune Johansson wrote:
         I have tre separate partitions for linux systems so that I can keep my
old after installed a new. I also have a separate partition for /home.
When I installed F11 it wasn't able to reed my old /home because it was
a hda - partition. If I told F11 to auto mount my old /home it couldn't
reed it. F11 then said I didn't have any user's.
Is there a solution?

All disks are now treated as if they're SCSI. This includes IDE, ATA, PATA, SATA, USB, IEEE696 (Firewire), fiber channel, the lot. This was
done quite a while ago (the kernel shipped with F8 seems to ring a bell
for some reason).  What was /dev/hdX will now be /dev/sdX.

If you now have multiple drives, I have two suggestions.  First, NEVER
rely on "cable select" to determine which drive is which.  IMHO, whoever
came up with cable select should be drawn and quartered.  Jumper your
new drive as "master" and the old drive as "slave".  Your system should
now see the new drive as /dev/sda and the old drive as /dev/sdb.

Second, run "fdisk -l" as root to see the partitions on the drives.  If
you used LVM back then, you should also note that LVM also changed a
while ago from LVM-1 to LVM-2.  LVM-2 should be able to deal with LVM-1
volumes, but the volume group names may collide (VolGroup00 is/was used
by default by both old and new).  You may have to change the group name
on the old drive to get the system to deal with it.
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