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Re: Help: No internet connection

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Simon Schneebeli writes:

Hello all,

After having used Ubuntu since almost more than three years, I decided to give Fedora a try. The installation went perfectly fine. Everything was perfectly recognised. Now I face one big problem: I can't manage to connect to the internet.

Through the network connection, I manage to establish a connection with my wireless ADSL model. It also works through a wired connection. Ping works. But neither Firefox nor any other programme manage to establish a connection.

Define "ping works".
If I type at the command line "ping google.com" it gets an answer...

Define "manage to establish a network connection".
When I change network connection from wireless to wired, a popup tells me "connection established" and the icon in the toolbar says "connected"...

Any idea what the problem may be? I guess you need additional information. Which one exactly?

The starting point would be the exact error message you are getting from Firefox.
Need to restart into fedora to check this out. Give me two minutes...


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