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Re: Delay measuring

Am Donnerstag, den 10.12.2009, 23:34 +1100 schrieb David Timms:
> On 12/10/2009 10:42 PM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> > On Thu, 2009-12-10 at 08:46 +0100, Christoph Höger wrote:
> >> for a long time now firefox annoys me now and then with second-long
> >> delay when entering a new URL in the URL-bar.
> When was the first time you noticed that  (ie what firefox verasion) ?

It came with ff3 and its "awesomebar".

> >> I am pretty sure this is some kind of system resource it waits for or
> >> some other process. Is there any sane way to start an application and
> >> measure all those wait syscalls to see what resource causes this delay?
> >> Something like a strace wrapper script or so...
> >>
> >> I hope someone understands what I mean ;)
> > 
> > Sounds like you might have the IPv6 issue other people have mentioned.
> > See the list archive for how to turn it off.
> Could be. But I think it is that firefox now does a JSON lookup on the
> web, and while it waits for a response to load, it incorrectly pauses
> the UI.
> A wireshark packet capture would be enough to test that theory.

The wireshark idea is good, but this will take some time. I'll send the
results then.

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