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Re: How do I load mp3s on my iPhone in F12 ? And other iPhone/F12 questions.

On Sat, 2009-12-12 at 23:00 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote: 
> On Sat, 2009-12-12 at 15:39 -0700, Linuxguy123 wrote:
> > How do I load mp3s onto my iPhone in F12  ?
> Executive summary: you can't. Unlike many phones, the iPhone doesn't
> behave as a simple disk drive. There's no way to mount it, the
> connection protocol is secret, and Apple have no interest in supporting
> Linux. You could use a VM running Windows of course, but it needs to be
> one that supports USB devices (see recent thread on this list).
> Alternatively, you could jailbreak the phone and copy files using scp. I
> don't know if the phone will then recognize them as something it can
> play, but I wouldn't bet on it.
> > Is there a way to use an iPhone as a data modem via Bluetooth ?
> Tethering can be done on jailbroken phones or on some very limited set
> of carriers blessed by Apple.

Apple and AT&T say they will eventually support tethering, but not for a
while yet, AFAIK (and it wouldn't surprise me if there was an upcharge).

> > Is there a way to have a Bluetooth phone operate with F12 like it does
> > with Microsoft Sync in a car ?
> I have no idea what that means.
> poc

                Matthew Saltzman

Clemson University Math Sciences
mjs AT clemson DOT edu

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