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Re: Mobile Broadband in Qatar


On 01/-9/-28163 01:29 AM, LifeOverFiber wrote:
Hello all,

I am working in a project in Doha, QATAR and our company provided us 3G
connection with USB stick from QTEL(Qatar TELECOM).

When I connect my USB to my Fedora12 I go Network Manager->  Edit
Connection->Mobile Broadband->Add.

F12 detects the USB stick and when I forward it I can not see either
Qatar or Doha on the list.

Is there anyway around this problem?

Scroll to the top of the list where there is an option that says 'My country is not listed', select that and move ahead. You would have to enter a provider name and the connection information manually.

Also, file a bug against the mobile-broadband-provider-info package to include your service provider's info.

- steve

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