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Re: I upgraded to F12 and I can only run a console session. Help ! (wifii administration from a console ?)

linux guy - Sunday 13 December 2009 15:34:41:
> I installed cnetwork manager and I can't get a wifi connection for some
> reason.  I invoke cnetworkmanager -C <myISSD> options and hangs.

If you're connecting to a wireless network you need:
cnetworkmanager -C <yourSSID> --<SECURITY>
where <SECURITY> can be:
--unprotected for an unprotected network
--wep-pass=<PASSWORD> for WEP "secured" networks
--wpa-pass=<PASSWORD> for WPA secured networks

e.g. $cnetworkmanager -C mynetwork --wpa-pass=hqlo2547

Note that it doesn't support static IP adresses yet, that may be a problem.

> So I got out a network cable and plugged into my router.   I can ping the
> router the router just fine ( but as soon as I try to reach
> anything beyond that (ping www.google.com) I get an unknown host error.
> Why and how do I fix that ?  cnetworkmanager shows eth0 to up activated.

I have no clue about this though, I'm just happy when all lamps are blinking 
on my router ;)

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