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Re: f12 updates kernel nomodeset option breaks radeon

Hi John,

My F12 worked perfectly on my ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AS [Radeon 9550] with no xorg.conf from the first day.
After couple of updates compiz started crashing and xrandr stopped recognizing settings properly. I used xorg.conf for a while only as a work around.
Now after couple of recent udpates, I found that it works fine again with no xorg.conf except I need to xrandr -s 0 to restore settings for my display and I had to edit settings for compiz to make it work properly again.

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Subject: f12 updates kernel nomodeset option breaks radeon
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 16:27:59 -0800

After updates today my radeon driver does not start properly if the 
kernel nomodeset option is used.

The X log has a message :

"Couldn't find valid PLL dividers"

Good news though in other areas :

--I can shell into the machine with ssh, it's not a hard crash.

--If I set up the kernel with "rhgb quiet" and do not use the 
"nomodeset" option X starts up normally.

--I no longer need an xorg.conf with "XAA" accel enabled to prevent X 
crashes. EXA seems to be working reliably now. (I previously reported 
that www.newegg.com and wiki.centos.org were crashing X with EXA enabled.)

EXA seems stable with kernel modesetting though...great!

Smolt :



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