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Re: Help: No internet connection

Quoting Aaron Konstam <akonstam sbcglobal net>:

On Sun, 2009-12-13 at 13:35 -0700, simon schneebeli okko org wrote:
Hello all,

My problem is definitively not linked to the fedora-webpage being
down. Meanwhile I made some progress:

At my brothers place I managed to connect to the internet with no
problem. All programmes worked, so I could add all the additional
programs I needed and install the latest updates.

Now, back home, my problem is the following:
- DOES NOT WORK: Firefox, Thunderbird, Evolution (error connecting to
the server)
- DOES WORK: Opera, Sype, Software update, Ping.
It would be nice to have an expanded version of "DoES NOT WORK"
What happens when you try Firrefox, for example?

Firefox: I immediately get the message "Server not found, Firefox can't find the server at [webpage].

Thunderbird: "failed to connect to server [name of server]

Evolution: "Error while fetching mail".

RPM: "Couldn't resolve host"

To mention again: These messages appear immediately, not only after some seconds like the server doesn't answer...


I guess that this is about the strangest problem that I have ever had
since I use Linux. Help would me most welcome.


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