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Re: Help: No internet connection

2009/12/13  <simon schneebeli okko org>:
> Q
>> What strikes me about that list is the ones that don't work are
>> NetworkManager aware - I wonder if NetworkManager is telling them the
>> connection is offline.
>> Do you have a NetworkManager icon in your systray? Does it show your
>> network connection? How are you setting up your connection? What's
>> different between your network when at your Brother's house?
>> More info please...
> As mentioned in my first e-mail, Opera works fine (I use it to send these
> e-mails) as does Skype.

I don't think (but as I don't use it I'd welcome corrections) that
Opera gets information about whether the connection is up from

> As for the differences between the network at home and at my brothers place:
> It's another service provider, another modem, but I don't know any details.

What kind of modem? DSL, Cable, 3G/HSPDA? How are you connected?
Wireless, Wired etc.

I think we need a lot more information about your network setup before
we can help ;o)


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