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Re: Enabling Airport wireless on Macbook Air with F12

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Danenberg <pcd roxygen org> writes:

    Peter> Quoth Colin Paul Adams on Boomtime, the 55th of The
    Peter> Aftermath:
    >> This is not supported by the b43 device driver, so Linux on
    >> this machine is not on.

    Peter> That doesn't necessarily follow: I got wireless working on
    Peter> the first-gen air with ndiswrapper; ndiswrapper is
    Peter> sub-optimal, but it works in a pinch. I haven't been as
    Peter> lucky with the second-gen air, though.

Well, I thought "Peter, you're a star!", and set off on this route. Of
course, the docs all talk about doing yum install. That won't work for
me (no internet connection!). So i did some digging, and eventually
found my way through to the non-free section of RpmFusion.

Transferring files one-by-one via USB stick, i was having problems
with dependencies. So I googled further. It turns out there is a
broadcom-wl in RPM Fusion, and you don't need ndiswrapper - you do
need kmod-wl, and just to confuse issues, there are two packages named
this, and you need both (!) - the one named kmod-wl-2.6.31.... and the
one named kmod-wl.5.....

Anyway, now I have a fully working Mackbook Air with fedora 12 (only)
installed on it, and airport networking.

Maybe this will work with your second generation air.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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