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Re: Enabling Airport wireless on Macbook Air with F12

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Danenberg <pcd roxygen org> writes:

    Peter> Quoth Colin Paul Adams on Pungenday, the 56th of The
    Peter> Aftermath:
    >> Maybe this will work with your second generation air.

    Peter> Colin, you're a genius!

Possibly, but if so, I haven't shown it on this thread :-)
just blundered around in the dark, then encountered helpful people
here, such as you.

    Peter> The final frontier now is sound:
    Peter> have you gotten anything working yet?

I hadn't tried.

So I promptly went to Firefox to try to listen to something, only to
find the mouse pointer was frozen :-(


Went to a you-tube video page in firefox that I frequent.
Had to install adobe flash. this made no difference so rebooted.

This made no difference.
I guess i have to enable the whole RPMFusion repo stuff now and try
all that.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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