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Re: Real Audio on F12

On Monday 14 December 2009 13:47:26 Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> OT: in the interests of having a more user-friendly experience, such as
> fast-forward etc., I also tried with gmplayer (also with -playlist). It
> started playing OK but on hitting the fast-forward control the UI just
> froze and had to be "kill -9"'ed. gmplayer seems to be someone's idea of
> a joke, which is a pity as mplayer is otherwise very capable.

When I first tried using a mplayer GUI (don't remember which one) several 
years ago, it was so buggy that I decided to give up on it and learn to use 
mplayer from the terminal. Never looked back. Maybe today GUI's are better, 
but I still only hear about problems with them.

Incidentally, I tried to play the link you posted, and it does play (with the 
-playlist option). The fast-forwarding *should* work in the console as well 
(using the cursor keys), but in this case it doesn't. I also had to killall 
mplayer (twice, though it worked without the -9). This may be a bug, but I bet 
that the codec for .ram just doesn't support seeking or is broken or 
something. If you have the whole file on the disk, and if seeking works when 
playing the file, then I guess increasing the cache buffer might help with 
seeking in streams, but I'm not sure.

Best, :-)

P.S. Goedel's incompleteness theorem is indeed an interesting topic, I'll 
probably listen it all later this afternoon. :-)

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