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Re: thunderbird 3 very very big inbox size for imap account

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 1:50 PM, Gianluca Cecchi <gianluca cecchi gmail com> wrote:
just seen the warning window about low disk space in my /home file
system (nice introduction in F12 I presume...)
After searching what has been growing I found this in

# ll INBOX
-rw------- 1 gcecchi gcecchi 22878721204 2009-12-14 16:40 INBOX

almost 23Gb!!!!!!

This is an imap account against an Exchange 2007 server.
In inbox I have less than 1000 messages where less than 10 are more
than 1Mb in size......
So I'm questioning fron where this big size arrives.....

More strangely, I have a mail with 11Mb of size in INBOX.
I delete it and suddenly INBOX size increases of about 14.7Mb!!!!
And in the mean time I have received no mail at all....

# ll INBOX
-rw------- 1 gcecchi gcecchi 22894180950 2009-12-14 16:43 INBOX

Any hint on thunderbird 3 settings?

This is a good example on how a bad default can "kill" an application.

Go to preferences -> advanced and UNcheck

Enable global search and indexer.

Also, for each account UNcheck

"Keep messages for this account on this computer"

Then, you can delete the remaining files in ~/.mozilla/firefox/.....

or better, delete the whole firefox directory, and re add your accounts,
one by one.

In my case, thunderbird downloaded and indexed all my gmail messages.
Almost 4GB of junk that was intended to stay on gmail only.

Why a developer chooses so bad defaults is a mystery to me....

Paulo Roma Cavalcanti

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