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Re: networkmanager/knetworkmanager Fedora 12 no go / Work around

On 14/12/09 11:34, n2xssvv.g02gfr12930 wrote:
> Well folks, I'm completely bewildered! I have the latest updated Fedora
> 12 on my laptop, but for the life of me I cannot get knetworkmanager to
> work. All I get is a message saying the network is not managed. I can
> disable network manager, (stop the daemon), and use the laptop that way,
> but a working network manager would be preferable.
> Also Services, (service management), no longer asks for super user
> password when started from the menu, hence I have to start it from a
> terminal for it to work properly.
> Something in the configuration has become badly borked!!! The problem is
> the same for KDE,(preferred), and Gnome.
> Anyone out there with any ideas?
> JB
Well I have it working of sorts by creating system network
configurations and using the Gnome network manager applet. This enables
me to switch between the system configurations. Unfortunately trying to
create configurations from the applet fails to work.

It seems that some of the system settings configuration apps need to run
as a super user to take effect properly. Hopefully these problems will
be fixed in some updates in a few weeks.

All said and done, I will not be upgrading my PC to Fedora 12 from 11,
as my experience with my laptop suggests to me it appears to be always
close to, if not actually somewhat, flaky in places. Respect to those
folks maintaining the repositories, but based on my experience the
testing before release was below par and the results will put folks off
using Fedora.


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