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Re: Enabling Airport wireless on Macbook Air with F12

Hi Colin,

On Monday 14 December 2009 08:10 AM, Colin Paul Adams wrote:
"Colin" == Colin Paul Adams<colin colina demon co uk>  writes:

"Peter" == Peter Danenberg<pcd roxygen org>  writes:
     Peter>  Quoth Colin Paul Adams on Pungenday, the 56th of The
     Peter>  Aftermath:
     >>>  Works for both headphones and speakers for me. :-)

     Peter>  Which reminds me: which air do you have; or what's the
     Peter>  output of the following command?

     Peter>  sudo dmidecode -s system-product-name

     Colin>  MacBookAir1,1

     Colin>  More on VLC - examining syslog showed sector read errors,
     Colin>  so switched to anther DVD.  This shows scrambled image (as
     Colin>  if it were a copy-protected copy - it isn't - i paid for it
     Colin>  and it works on Mac OSX with DVD player or VLC), and almost
     Colin>  no sound (the occaisional click).

     Colin>  I'm wondering if there are additional codecs I need to
     Colin>  install from somewhere (I just did a yum install vlc so
     Colin>  far)

Trying movie player just says:

"No URI handler implemented for DVD"

Do you have libdvdcss installed from livna?

Before you install please remember the legal ramifications that goes with it. I wouldn't know how to advice you on this, but I do use it myself.

Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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