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Re: Real Audio on F12

On Tue, 2009-12-15 at 01:36 +1030, Tim wrote:
> On Mon, 2009-12-14 at 13:47 +0000, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> > The -playlist option made it work.
> Sometimes needed for .ram files, as they're often a playlist or referrer
> of some time.  Not always needed, as some .ram files are the media,
> itself.  And I've noticed mplayer *sometimes* not care when you you put
> -playlist in where it shouldn't be.

OK. I still think the error message could be a lot better though.

>  > OT: in the interests of having a more user-friendly experience, such
> > as fast-forward etc., I also tried with gmplayer (also with >
>  -playlist). It started playing OK but on hitting the fast-forward >
>  control the UI just froze and had to be "kill -9"'ed. gmplayer seems >
>  to be someone's idea of a joke, which is a pity as mplayer is >
>  otherwise very capable.
> gmplayer never was very good for me.  It liked to crash, a lot.  I found
> smplayer to be much better.  And there's another front end that I can't
> remember the name of.  gmplayer is a recompiled mplayer, that behaves
> differently, as *well* as having a GUI.

I'll take a look at smplayer, thanks.

> Some streams just are not seekable, and you'll find trying to seek being
> ignored, or wedging the player, sometimes quite hard.  For playing back
> an already downloaded stream that won't seek, you can add the -idx
> command option, and mplayer will assess the whole file (taking a bit of
> time), then fake up an index that it can use to seek.

Following on from that, do you know of a way to capture the stream using
mplayer (or anything else for that matter)? RFM I guess, but the FM is
rather long and complex :-)


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