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Re: F10 rpm of grub2 completely broken

On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 14:39:58 -0500, Gene wrote:

> >Side-note about your "Booting sparkly new F12 install, error 13 from
> >grub." thread.  The partitioning details are confusing, contradictory,
> >inaccurate and incomplete. First impression is that you misconfigured the
> >grub.conf completely. The post is long, but missing the most important
> >step. To accurately collect the configuration details _prior to_ jumping
> >to wild conclusions. I would have asked a couple of questions in thread
> >thread, in particular because error 13 is explained in the manual.
> It is? In what manual may I be so rude as to ask?

The "GRUB manual": info grub

And it isn't rude to ask.

> >> and generally so were the posts bitching about the grub2 rpm being
> >> supplied, its broken in that it only searches the boot its booted from.
> >
> >What is the ticket number in bugzilla?
> You can generate it, but I now have doubts there is any interest on the part 
> of fedora to fix it.  Why?  cuz fixing it would destroy the vendor lock in 
> that your version enforces.  And IMO, it really doesn't get any clearer than 
> that.

Even in Fedora 12, the standard boot loader still is legacy GRUB. That one
works fine here.

By trying out GRUB2 (a development snaphot release), and an optional
install from the Fedora repositories, you opted to become a guinea pig.
No damage is done if that thing just doesn't work yet (for unknown
reasons) as you could return to legacy GRUB.

It may be that only very few users even played with GRUB2 in Fedora 10
or earlier. Inclusion of the "grub2" in F10's repositories may have been
the result of adding it for evaluation purposes, perhaps as a test-update,
and the next release of the dist inherited it.
Speculations over speculations. Perhaps a couple of other dists, who
have switched to using GRUB2 development, apply their own customisation
patches to make it work. That would not be unusual. And it's likely that
in Fedora-land this has not started or has started only in tiny steps
because "grub2" is just an optional package for the community to try
out and help with by contributing problem reports, fixes, and general
package development.
Are you aware of the following page? I guess, not.

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