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Re: Fedora 12: No flash plugin

On Mon, 2009-12-14 at 22:29 +0100, Simon Schneebeli wrote:

> Well, I have it now, my flash plugin. I did do it the ugly way: I just 
> downloaded it from adobe's webpage...
> Many thanks for all your help, particularly Craig White. I guess I'm 
> going to buy me a good book on Fedora soon. Although there are some 
> difficulties, I still have a slight preference to it over Ubuntu...
I'm going to make a suggestion...

resist the temptation to solve things 'the easy way'

somehow/somewhere there is a problem that isn't solved on your system
and so you get around it for now but it will still be there the next
time you do something.

It's like trying to install wicd from Axel's repositories. You could
fairly easily just 'enable' the Axel repository and get wicd installed
but that would probably get you a lot of other conflicts/issues with
other things and so the net result would be more frustration.

I'm trying to minimize the frustration by helping you to fix the actual
problems. I didn't see the problem with you installing flash plugin, I
saw it as a problem making yum/adobe repository work as it's intended.

Any time you want to be root (i.e. to install things, etc.)

su -

You're root - simple.


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