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Posts getting ignored (was F10 rpm of grub2 completely broken)

On 12/14/2009 11:11 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> I wish it was, but my posts to this list about it were ignored for a week,  
> and generally so were the posts bitching about the grub2 rpm being supplied, 
> its broken in that it only searches the boot its booted from.  The same grub2 
> autoconfig'er in the Mint 8 install gets it right, finding all the the 
> installed distros on the system but does make a couple of minor, easily 
> fixable mistakes.
> But you didn't want to hear it, vendor lock in and all that sort of politics.
> In mint 8 for instance, I installed the fglrx stuff and my video is just 
> under 10x faster than it is when running F10.  By the end of the week I will 
> have switched to either mandriva or mint 8, both 64 bit installs, so its 
> moot, I know the yellow in my cheerios didn't come from the milk.
> Your treatment of redhat/fedora users with over a decade of use has finally 
> reached the quitting point.  You refuse to fix openssh, hoping that would 
> force me to install F12, and when I do and have problems, its go pound sand.
> My hammer broke.  And the pieces have been deleted by over-writing that 
> install.
Do you think maybe the way you post, and the hassles of trying to
work with you to try and solve problems, might have something to do
with your posts being low priority on the list?


  Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for thou art crunchy and taste good with Ketchup!

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