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Re: F10 rpm of grub2 completely broken

On Monday 14 December 2009, Michael Schwendt wrote:
>On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 14:39:58 -0500, Gene wrote:
>> >Side-note about your "Booting sparkly new F12 install, error 13 from
>> >grub." thread.  The partitioning details are confusing, contradictory,
>> >inaccurate and incomplete. First impression is that you misconfigured
>> > the grub.conf completely. The post is long, but missing the most
>> > important step. To accurately collect the configuration details _prior
>> > to_ jumping to wild conclusions. I would have asked a couple of
>> > questions in thread thread, in particular because error 13 is explained
>> > in the manual.
>> It is? In what manual may I be so rude as to ask?
>The "GRUB manual": info grub
>And it isn't rude to ask.
But a pinfo grub has a lot of blank entries.

>> >> and generally so were the posts bitching about the grub2 rpm being
>> >> supplied, its broken in that it only searches the boot its booted
>> >> from.
>> >
>> >What is the ticket number in bugzilla?
>> You can generate it, but I now have doubts there is any interest on the
>> part of fedora to fix it.  Why?  cuz fixing it would destroy the vendor
>> lock in that your version enforces.  And IMO, it really doesn't get any
>> clearer than that.
>Even in Fedora 12, the standard boot loader still is legacy GRUB. That one
>works fine here.
>By trying out GRUB2 (a development snaphot release), and an optional
>install from the Fedora repositories, you opted to become a guinea pig.
>No damage is done if that thing just doesn't work yet (for unknown
>reasons) as you could return to legacy GRUB.
>It may be that only very few users even played with GRUB2 in Fedora 10
>or earlier. Inclusion of the "grub2" in F10's repositories may have been
>the result of adding it for evaluation purposes, perhaps as a test-update,
>and the next release of the dist inherited it.
>Speculations over speculations. Perhaps a couple of other dists, who
>have switched to using GRUB2 development, apply their own customisation
>patches to make it work. That would not be unusual. And it's likely that
>in Fedora-land this has not started or has started only in tiny steps
>because "grub2" is just an optional package for the community to try
>out and help with by contributing problem reports, fixes, and general
>package development.
>Are you aware of the following page? I guess, not.
Thanks for the link, I have looked at it now, and it would appear to be in 
need of an update to the last 3 or 4 months progress.  And the progress 
doesn't seem to be coming from gnu.org.


Cheers, Gene
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