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Re: Posts getting ignored (was F10 rpm of grub2 completely broken)

On Tue, 2009-12-15 at 00:16 +0000, Sam Sharpe wrote:
> 2009/12/14 Mikkel <mikkel infinity-ltd com>:
> > On 12/14/2009 11:11 AM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> Your treatment of redhat/fedora users with over a decade of use has
> finally
> >> reached the quitting point.  You refuse to fix openssh, hoping that
> would
> >> force me to install F12, and when I do and have problems, its go
> pound sand.
> > Do you think maybe the way you post, and the hassles of trying to
> > work with you to try and solve problems, might have something to do
> > with your posts being low priority on the list?
> Actually I quite like most of Gene's output - he's cranky and he likes
> guns - what's not to like?
> What stopped me from digging into this particular post was:
> 1) I can't help on this issue (and I've been a bit busy lately).
> 2) The word "you" cropping up repeatedly.
> I think there's a misconception here that addressing fedora-list is
> addressing the people who "make" Fedora. That's not necessarily the
> case, and by using the word "you" the blame is implicitly being
> transferred (probably through frustration or some kind of monthly
> cycle ;o) to "everyone who isn't called Gene Heskett", when probably a
> large proportion of list members have no more input into the source of
> Gene's frustration than he does himself. I don't think most people
> like being blamed for something that isn't their problem, which
> doesn't incline them to help out. 
the term 'you' versus 'us'

If you feel that this is a community development project and if you are
using the implemented methods of feedback like bugzilla, then there is
no 'you', only 'us'. You get the level of participation that you want. 

I personally don't want to help someone who has vented in that manner in
order to get attention and/or the help he craves because that merely
reinforces the behavior but if others want to spend their time, that's
their choice. I had the same philosophy with my children too and I have
higher expectations for adults.


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