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Re: F10 rpm of grub2 completely broken

On Monday 14 December 2009, Tom H wrote:
>I suspect that Ubuntu 9.10 has defaulted to grub2 possibly prematurely
>because it wants to iron out the bugs before it releases its next LTS
>version in April.

Sure sounds like a plan to me.

>Using a year-old release of grub2 is courageous at best because even
>the grub2 versions "bundled" in the alpha and beta releases of Ubuntu
>in September-November were misbehaving regularly.
>If you do not want to use grub-mkconfig, you can write your own

I have and am figuring on continuing to, its not that difficult, just picky.

>The grub2 configuration file is not rocket science - and the
>Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Arch wikis and help pages now have good
>documentation. Basically:
>title --> menuentry{ ... }
>sda1=(hd0,0) --> sda1=(hd0,1)
>kernel --> linux
>The root and initrd invocations are the same in grub.cfg as in
>grub.conf/menu.lst (but "root" is has a different effect at the grub2
>cli compared to the grub1 cli).
Got that figured out too. ;-)

Thanks Tom.

Cheers, Gene
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